Delivering best in class sites integration for wireless communication industry through quality, professionalism and operational efficiency



Given its extensive experience in site design and construction, Cell Build Co. is also an ideal partner to provide First Line Maintenance for communication sites.



Cell Build Personnel are trained to work in GSM/Telecom

Sites, on towers, switch rooms, they abide and adhere with all safety rules and precautions, the following rules always

followed by our workers:

Climbing  of  ladders  and  towers  poses  significant  safety  risks. Only personnel trained in this practice, and who possess the

proper equipment shall perform such work. Never service electrical/electronic equipment unless another person capable of rendering first aid is present. To avoid injury or death caused by electric shock, do not wear a grounded wrist strap when working with high-voltage equipment. On  older  existing  buildings,  care  should  be  exercised  to ensure surfaces being disturb


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