Delivering best in class sites integration for wireless communication industry through quality, professionalism and operational efficiency




Covering a multitude of technologies these programs range from foundation courses and technology overviews for non-technical staff to in-depth training ideal for engineers and technical managers alike.


Program Sectors:

  • Telecoms Foundation

  • LTE & Advanced Communications

  • WiMAX Forum Certified Training Series

  • 2G & 3G Mobile

  • Signalling & Transport

  • Applications, Content, Servcies & Media Delivery

  • IP in Telecoms

Our Approach

The TADREEB Telecom Academy is the leading provider of high quality telecoms business and technology training for the global telecommunications industry. Our training programmes are delivered worldwide, and used extensively as part of the training and development plans of many large operators, vendors, service providers and regulators.

With an emphasis on partnership, our approach is to deliver the right training solution for your staff and business, we offer a wide range of courses and delivery options:

Our Team

One of our major strengths is our dedicated team of highly experienced trainers each of whom train across a wide range of programs. Their versatility means they can to deliver training at all levels and can make complex technology issues accessible to non-technical staff as well as deliver in-depth engineering training. Our business trainers are specialists in their field, enabling them to address the key issues affecting the telecoms industry today. All our training staff deliver training across a wide range of programs.



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